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The documentation on this site will no longer be maintained after v21.02, please update your bookmarks.

Local Pages


Defines static assets which are served from the default '/' path of the reverse proxy. This entry must be either a zip file or a path which is relative to the '/var/iag/config' directory of the container. The provided contents will completely replace the default set of pages served from the '/' path of the IAG.


If no value is specified here, the default set of pages will be used. The default set of pages, '', can be downloaded from GitHub ( and used as a starting point for creating custom pages.


The following table(s) describe the configuration properties for this component:

Name Type Constraints Description
content string The content which will be used for the local web space. The content can either be the name of a directory, relative to the '/var/iag/config' directory of the container, or a zip file.
type string Values: zip,path The type of content which is being supplied. Either a zip file or a directory name.


             content: ""
             type: zip